Studio Portale was set up in 1987 by Renato Portale to provide consultancy to Italian and Foreign Clients regarding highly specialized financial and fiscal aid on VAT and Customs.
Due to the experience and financial skills of the Studio’s holder, Mr. Portale, and his group of specialized collaborators, the office is ready to supply quick and convenient explanations and solve any type of issues connected to VAT and Customs their clients may come up with.

Renato Portale, graduate in Economics and Commerce, is a business consultant, tax expert, auditor and journalist in financial issues. He carries out his activity in Lecco, Via Sassi 8, he is an expert in VAT matters and writes for several newspapers and magazines. He started his career in the Financial Government Office and was manager in the VAT Office in Sondrio, Lombardy.

He used to works with "Sole 24 ore" team both writing in the daily newspaper or in specialized magazines. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of "Settimana fiscale", a professional utility of SEAC S.p.A. Since 90’s he has published several books on VAT matters, one of them, the "Imposta sul valore aggiunto ("Value Added Tax") has been chosen since 2008 by the European Commission as reference book to check the Italian VAT law.
He used to be a VAT teacher during the first Fiscal Masters of IPSOA and INFOR. He used to be a teacher and scientific VAT coordinator in the Fiscal Master of "Il Sole 24 Ore" (Italian economic newspaper). He is also a teacher in the "Scuola Superiore dell’ Economia e delle Finanze (Advanced Economics and Finance school)" that prepares, specializes and updates the executive staff.

He used to be a lecturer in meetings organized by "Il Sole 24 ore" and he organizes training courses for Trade Associations and Universities.
He exercises his professional activity serving as a consultant to national and international companies.

E-mail address: renato.portale@studioportale.com

Renato Portale

Alessandro Portale, graduated in Italian law and partner of the VAT Forum, since 2004 actively works as VAT expert for several International companies. In particular he is in charge of the optimization of the VAT flows of the companies, preparation of written advices on VAT, managing VAT bookkeeping. He has organized training courses in VAT matters in some companies, in particular about the rules on place of supply of services and the international business. He has cooperated in publishing the book "IVA Estero 2010" and "IVA Estero 2011" (VAT in the relationship with foreign Countries), “IVA 2013 al via” (new VAT Rules 2013) He was lecturer at international VAT summits and workshops. He is resident and domiciled in Samedan (CH), Crusch 6.

E-mail address: alessandro.portale@studioportale.com

Alessandro Portale

Daniela Di Carlo, chartered accountant in Lecco, is specialized in national and international VAT matters. In particular she provides VAT consultancy and solutions to VAT issues, keeps relations with the Tax Administration and deals with on-going VAT obligations for foreign companies trading in Italy.

E-mail address: daniela.dicarlo@studioportale.com

Daniela Di Carlo