Studio Portale provides fiscal aid on VAT and Customs issues and its highly specialized consultancy applies both to Italian Companies, Associations and Corporations and to European and International Companies.

Studio Portale

  • provides highly specialized consultancy on the most complicated issues connected with the VAT in Italy, Europe and overseas;
  • supports both Italian Companies that are going to work in EU and abroad or European and international Companies that intend to operate in Italy;
  • assists the Companies in all the procedures connected to Fiscal Authorities (VAT registration, VAT refunds in Italy and in other UE countries, Revenue assessments, etc);
  • provides consultancy during the fiscal cases;
  • plans VAT flows
  • provides the best means to optimize the VAT credit in order to keep it as reduced and as economically sustainable as possible;
  • is an "authorized intermediate" able to file by electronic means, on behalf of third parties, the VAT data communication returns, VAT Annual returns, Intrastat returns, Clients and Suppliers lists, black lists, ect ...

Publications highlight

IVA - Imposta Sul Valore Aggiunto 2020
ed. Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre S.p.a
L’opera mantiene inalterati il criterio e l’esposizione che hanno fatto del testo fin dal 1997, il punto di riferimento consolidato e ...

Consult Service Italia Srl

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Consult Service Italia Srl
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The Company provides management services

Renato Portale Srl

Renato Portale srl

Renato Portale Srl
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CF: 03153630136

The Company provides:

  • training courses
  • fiscal representation and direct identification for non resident operators
  • VAT accountancy and tax return duties